Peril at the End House by Agatha Christie

This was the second novel by Agatha Christie, which I had read. And I can't say I am disappointed. Agatha Christie brings it up every time. This book will make you go around in circles and check every possibility again still it will be impossible for you to guess the murderer. Why Agatha Christie Why? For... Continue Reading →

What Exactly is Trojan Horse?

Last semester I had Cyber Security in my syllabus. I could have done a lot better if I had actually focused in class but nooo. So I decided to pull an all-nighter and study the whole thing online. And the exact definition of Trojan horse I found on Wikipedia was: In computing, a Trojan horse, or Trojan, is... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge- Pets!

It's the 88th week of Tuesday Photo Challenge by Jansenphoto and this week's topic is pets! I love animals but clicking pictures of them? I-don't-love-it-that-much. Reason? they keep moving! They don't seem to understand the concept of posing, and that they have to stay still. Above is a picture of my Julie, she is an... Continue Reading →

What happen in Rock climbing

So a few days ago I decided to go rock climbing with my friends. My friends are the obnoxious beings ( obviously ) who detest rock climbing ( People like that exist ). So I dragged them with me and even forced them to try climbing. It was pretty cold, and I decided to keep... Continue Reading →


Excuse me, can you move a little? Crap! Metro stopped again. THERE IS NO SPACE! DON'T PUSH! DON'T PUSH! This is the norm for every Delhitians who travel in the metro . Traveling in Delhi metro could be a bumpy ride, I mean Literally! Sometimes Metro will keep swaying that will send you flying, if you... Continue Reading →


  Overview Dilli haat gives you a crash course of the rich, vibrant, and exuberant heritage of India. Covering 6 acres of land, located in commercial centers of South Delhi, opposite INA market, Dilli Haat is a craft plaza which, also, introduces you to the mouth watering cuisines of India. Dilli haat showcases Indian culture... Continue Reading →


QUTUB  MINAR The vast sight Qutub Minar and ruins will greet you at the Qutub complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Mehrauli area of Delhi, India. This 240 feet tall minaret is a tapering tower made of red sandstones and marble. Qutub Minar is surrounded by historical monuments including Quwwat-ul-slam mosque and the iron... Continue Reading →

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